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About ASPO

ASPO Strategic Vision 2022-2025 doc cover

The ASPO Strategic Vision 2022-2025 document seeks to consolidate key access priorities and initiatives at U of T over the past five years leading up to the establishment of the Access Strategy & Partnerships Office (ASPO).

Over the past year and a half, it has been a privilege to oversee the administration of the Access Programs University Fund (APUF) through ASPO.

APUF supported the creation and launch of new access programs across the University while ensuring that established programs can innovate and embed sustainability measures.

Access has been championed by an incalculable number of faculty, administrators, and students over the years who have dedicated themselves to support underrepresented students to overcome barriers as they seek to successfully gain entry to and complete an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree program. ASPO supports tri-campus access programs and initiatives for prospective domestic students who aspire to attend University while searching for the key to the door. The key could be the right program or opportunity; the right time in their life, or, simply, the right champion who assures them that it is, indeed, possible. Supporting and engaging prospective students is the first step toward inclusive excellence.

Both ASPO and APUF were established after decades of investment in access programs across a broad range of tri-campus divisions, academic programs, and student services. As we all continue to grapple with the various dimensions and definitions of “access” in these complex times, fundamentally, I like to think that we all agree that access means at least one thing: hope.

I look forward to working with all of you as we support and sustain the hope of prospective and current students to learn and thrive at U of T.

Helen Tewolde, Director, ASPO
Helen Tewolde, Director, Access Strategy & Partnerships Office

Office of the Vice-Provost, Students, University of Toronto
Simcoe Hall, 27 King’s College Circle, Suite 221
Toronto, ON M5S 1A1

Phone: 416-864-8438

Director, Access Strategy & Partnerships Office


Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator

Phone: 416-864-8438